2012 Political Candidate Testimonial Services

Trusteria Services is providing Political Candidates with an online testimonial feed service to use in upcoming elections. Our service helps candidates reach out to supporters and use testimonials to gain more support.

Benefits to your campaign:
* Using this system will help centralize your testimonials along with having the 3rd party credibility.
* This service is a way to stretch out your marketing calendar in a cost effective manner.
* Our service fits very well as a component of a well rounded media plan.
* Acquire testimonials from your endorsements and be able to use them through our system along with other media formats.

Don't have time to get testimonials? We have plans that include having our staff contacting your supporters on your behalf to acquire the testimonials. Call us today at 1-866-707-1181 for more information.

The 3rd party credibility of the testimonials is very important, please read WHY USE A THIRD PARTY?. People believe testimonials from a third party more than if they are put on a candidates website by the campaign staff.

When someone asks "what are your donors and supporters saying about why they supported your campaign?", you can direct them to your testimonials.

How It Works

1) Trusteria staff will work with your team to complete a profile on our system that stores the testimonials. Once the profile is complete, your campaign will be given a short web code to add to your campaign website which will feed the latest 5 testimonials. Only testimonials approved by your campaign will be posted live.

2) The staff will train your staff and provide various tools to help you acquire the testimonials for your campaign and also on the various ways to get them entered onto the system.

3) We will work closely with your staff during the election to make sure our system adds to the success of your campaign.

4) After the campaign, you can keep your Trusteria account and continue to acquire testimonials from your constituants. When the next elections rolls around, these testimonials will be available for the campaign.

Candidates will receive the following:

* Web Code to add to your website to automatically feed testimonials to your campaign website.

You can also see an example of the full feed service at FASTSIGNS
* Create a Full Contact Profile
* Post your Social Media and Website Links
* Post your campaign video
* Manage your Testimonials
See all of the features and benefits

Please contact us for pricing and additional questions at emailing us or call us toll free at 866-707-1181.

Let your testimonials help you win your election.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does the feed system work?

Once you register your campaign, our staff will send you a string of code to give to your website programmers. Once the code is added, your testimonials (the latest 5) will be automatically fed to your website.

Does your company get testimonials from our contacts?

Surveys show that people are more loyal when asked for a testimonial directly from the entity requesting it. We work with your campaign to use the tools to make this process work easily and efficiently.

How do I get people to leave a testimonial for my campaign?

Once you register your campaign, our staff will work with you on the different ways to get testimonials. Our system gives you various options and as always, our staff will be there to help along the way. We also have full service plans where we will help acquire the testimonials from your donors and supporters.

Can anyone post a testimonial?

Yes, but it is limited to one person, per profile per e-mail address in a 6 month period of time.

Does a customer testimonial post automatically?

No. The testimonial will be sent to your campaign and you can accept it (once accepted, it posts to your profile) or decline it. If declined, the testimonial disappears. This is not a candidate review site, but rather an information resource for people to see the great testimonials from their neighbors.

Why should I get people to leave a testimonial?

Candidates rely on each vote and donor to win an election. Using supporters testimonials will help in securing more donors by showing what past donor are saying as to "why" they are supporting you. This also helps with getting new supporters when they can see what their neighbors are saying about you as a candidate. It also allows you to build a database of supporters statements and use those for elections to come.