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www.LocalSeniorDiscounts.com is a dedicated web site for the local senior community.  It is a site where seniors, age 50 plus, can research local restaurants and businesses that provide senior discounts and/or specials on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.    The  web site also includes many local senior resources such as elder care services, elder law attorneys, senior living options, senior events and more!   Membership is free and cards are distributed through businesses listed on the site, and at the Tallahassee Senior Center and at various Assisted Living Facilities.  Thousands of cards have already been distributed.  We will continue to provide free cards throughout the year and will be adding more businesses each month.   Please visit the site to check out all the senior resources.  If you wish more information about the program or to add your place of business, please contact me at 850-590-3830 or email us at localseniordiscounts@gmail.com.


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Our Testimonials:
Working in partnership with Lew and LocalSeniorDiscounts.com has been a tremendous benefit for our clients and volunteers. Not only do they have direct access to the best discounts for products/services they readily use; our partnership also truly allows us to improve the quality of life for seniors in Tallahassee. By offering them the discount card, they are able to save on the things they need and want the most, while building community in Leon County.
Amber R. Tynan, Elder Care Services, Inc.
My friend Lew Wilson's site LocalSeniorDiscounts is all about saving money. I have a site that can save you on prescriptions. www.localpharmacyprices.com where you can shop for your best price before you go to the pharmacy. It's free and we collect no information. Go to the website and search for your best pharmacy price now. then just download your discount card and take it to the pharmacy. We would for you to return to our website afterward and tell us how much you saved.
Reid Nunn, www.LocalPharmacyPrices.com
Local Senior Discounts is a great way for us to reach the senior (or as we call it, wise) population. Since we began participating in the program, we have given away hundreds of key tags and have seen sales increase on Thursdays, the day of our offer. The staff makes working with Local Senior Discounts easy and straightforward and the support materials are a nice addition. We are very happy to be a part of this local initiative to help seniors save money, educate themselves and utilize Tallahassee's resources to the best of their ability. I recommend Local Senior Discounts to any business looking to expand their customer base.
Cristin Burns, New Leaf Market
Seniors in Tallahassee have more functions available and more support than most cities in the United States especially through the Tallahassee Senior Center. Now, they have a wonderful local website and program to help with receiving discounts on meals, services and support. More and more companies are now participating in the Local Senior Discount program through the website and more are coming onboard. What a magnificent program for Seniors here in North Florida!
Dr. Mike Francis
Hey, the best ribs in town, give them a try you will know why.
Carolyn Faust
Lew has done an excellent job on this venture. He has created a great way for seniors to receive a discount at establishments they (we) actually frequent and an effective advertising venue for local merchants. Well Done, Lew!
Matt Ryan
The program associated with Local Senior Discounts has been functioning beautifully here at Famous Dave's restaurant in Tallahassee. We have generated a great amount of new and regular customers who have without doubt enjoyed the benefits of your program. I am extremely pleased with the results of this special and will be looking forward to work with your organization in the future. Thank you very much, we appreciate your business!
Courtney Brown
My friends and I have been very, very pleased with LocalSeniorDiscounts.com. It has been very helpful with finding places to go and we wanted to say thanks to LocalSeniorDiscounts.com
Tom Chaboudy
very helpful for us adults
j milliams
thanks for a great experience
Fred C
What a great website.....I guess I should embrace the fact that I am OVER 50....the variety of discounts and services offered is HUGE.....I am spreading the word as well....this will only help EVERYONE>>>>>>
Glenarva Ryan
Love the card! Broken Egg Rest - Enjoyed Lunch Very Much!
Mary B. Smith
Breakfast at Another Broken Egg tasted even better with their discount!
Patti Cook
20% Off at Another Broken Egg, it's a great place!
David Greenberg
I Love Local Senior Discounts especially Famous Dave's!
Lyn Bailey
Have used the card several times, especially enjoyed Old Town Cafe on Timeberlane. Thank YOU for helping Seniors!
Ed Vertuno
I am quite impressed with this website especially since it shows the great meal deals for seniors 50 and over. In this economy every dollar that can be saved while treating ourselves to a meal outside of the home is great! I hope to see many more restaurants and other vendors offering more discounts for those of us that are on a limited budget. I also hope that they will soon be able to expand their website to offer discounts in other areas of Florida and for other states as well so we can utilize these offers when we are traveling. Kudos to the team at LocalSeniorDiscounts.com!
Cindy Gleinser
Tremendous value, tremendous benefit when used and it is so very easy to use if you make a habit of showing your card whenever you dine or shop.
Wayne Coloney
Great site for seniors to find ways to save save a bit of cash! Check it out.
Bill Williams
What a tremendous service for our area's seniors! The Local Senior Discount Team has done an outstanding job seeking out the best vendors in a wide array of products and services! Many thanks for the hard work and effort!
Mark Trafton
30 years in the foodservice industry has taught me a great deal about how to market towards a specific target audience and to find ways to fill seats during quiet times. Local Senior Discounts does both very effectively. If you're not participating, you should be!
Drew D McLeod
I was one of the first to receive my Senior Discount card and have seen the number of participating businesses grow giving seniors a wide range of saving options that hadn't been available before this site opened. It is easy to use and has been welcomed by the merchants. As it grows this site and its card will become very valuable to all seniors.
Jim Bolling
An exceptional avenue for acquring discounts. I use the site everytime I'm in town.
Rick P
I am always looking for ways to find discounts and savings in Tallahassee. I use LocalSeniorDiscounts.com and they have all kinds of discounts on the things I am looking for. They have a large selection of restaurants, as well as helpful information for seniors. Check it out and start saving!
Randall Jump
Great idea.Help for those on fixed incomes.
Dennis Beckman
I have enjoyed using my localseniordiscounts.com pass. It has saved me money and given me an opportunity to get to know restaurants that I had never tried. I recommend it to everyone I meet!
Clara Stafford
Very comprehensive website. The variety and range of discounts available to seniors is impressive.
Paul Armor
We have incorporated the web site above in our info given to seniors.
Kim Corsmeier
very helpful
Gena Varn